Missian Jewellery has launched a personal diffuser inspired by Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, which combines aromatherapy and jewellery.

It releases the scent of essential oils, which have therapeutic properties and can improve your physical and psychological well-being.

Cleopatra was a powerful and wise woman who loved aromas. She felt that essential oils could help her relax, concentrate and seduce.

Cleopatra diffusers are personalised jewels with unique combinations of essential oils. These oils are used for various purposes, such as relaxing, invigorating, purifying the mind or lulling dreams.

The Cleopatra diffuser is an elegant and effective jewel that combines beauty, functionality and history. It's a way to bring the magic of aromas into your everyday life


Born in 2021, MISSIAN JEWELLERY is a Portuguese jewellery brand that stands out for its quality and passion for creating family pieces that will last a lifetime.

Our inspiration is born of dreams and lives on in their realisation. Through our work, we encourage our clients to never stop dreaming. Each piece of jewellery is a wish. And every wish is realised.

The design of our Brand's timeless pieces translates into respect and total dedication so that the final product shines on you and enchants you.
Missian Jewellery puts all its soul into the composition of each piece.
We work closely with local manufacturers and high-quality materials and, in turn, our final product bears the stamp of quality and authenticity: Casa da Moeda de Portugal and Missian Jewellery on every piece.

The brand also features creations by Brazilian designer Eliânia Rosetti who, with her team, has developed more than 120 collections for the jewellery industry and modelled approximately 10,000 jewellery designs.
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The Waves collection is an expression of elegance and beauty inspired by the gentle curves of the sea, the waves that dance and move gracefully.