01/JUL/1961 - 31/08/1997

Buried on an island in Althorp, Northamptonshire, England, UK.

She has two sons with Prince Charles: Prince William (b. 21 June 1982) and Prince Harry (b. 15 September 1984).

She was a close friend of Michael Jackson and Elton John. "Candle in the Wind", John's song about Marilyn Monroe, was modified to suit her and performed by him at her funeral. Coincidentally, both women died at the age of 36.

Her death was used by Jean-Pierre Jeunet as a plot for The Fabulous Fate of Amélie (2001).

He invited supermodel Cindy Crawford to dinner at Buckingham Palace when Prince William had a secret crush on the model.

Portrayed by Catherine Oxenberg, Edita Brychta, Julie Cox and Nicola Formby.

Stepdaughter of Barbara Cartland.

Distantly related to the actor Humphrey Bogart, who was his seventh cousin.

He once referred to Camilla Parker-Bowles as a rottweiler.

She appeared on the cover of People Weekly magazine 81 times. The "Goodbye Diana" issue (9/22/97) amassed sales of nearly US $ 3 million, making it the magazine's best-selling issue in its existence.

She fell in love with Dodi Fayed after a food war on her father Jonikal's yacht.

Sister of Charles Spencer (b. 1964), Sarah Spencer (b. 1955) and Jane Spencer (b. 1957).

She told a close friend that, while walking down the aisle of St Paul's Cathedral, she thought of going back as she did "Elaine" in The First Night (1967).

I loved animated films, especially musicals.

Best friends of Lucia Arrow de Lima, Rosa Monckton, Sarah Ferguson, Lana Marks, Lady Annabel Goldsmith and her daughter Jemima Khan, Selina Scott.

When his picture was on the cover of Time magazine after his untimely death, the commemorative issue sold more than 1 million copies on newsstands.

When Diana went to the LA Fitness Centre in Isleworth, owner Bryce Taylor planted a camera and filmed her exercising in a tights. The pictures were sold for more than £100,000 to The Mirror. They printed them saying they were exposing the gap in real security, but Diana didn't believe the explanation and took them to court. They reached an out-of-court settlement. This incident propelled Diana to withdraw from public life.

Diana's interview with Martin Bashir was watched by 23 million people in the UK.

She was a big fan of pop music. The British press highly praised her love of Duran Duran, which was said to be her favourite band. She was also a fan of ABBA, Tom Jones, Bryan Ferry and Supertramp. Her favourite song was supposedly Chris De Burgh's 1986 ballad "The Lady in Red". Phil Collins also claimed that she told him she was a big fan of his duet with Marilyn Martin, "Separate Lives".

Diana's last holiday with her two children was in the south of France in July 1997.

A South Asian song called "Diana Diana" was featured in the Tamil film Kaadhal Kavidai (1998). It was sung by South Asian singer Hariharan in his memory.

Second cousin of Guy Van Pelt. Her great-great-grandfather was Franklin Work (1819-1911), American stockbroker and protégé of Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Stepdaughter of Raine McCorquodale (9/9 / 1929-21 / 10/2016), who was known first as Lady Lewisham, then divorced from Gerald Legge, who became Earl of Darmouth and married Diana's father in 1976 and therefore became Diana's stepmother. She was in her own right an elected member of the London County Council and later the Greater London Council.

He visited South Africa and met with President Nelson Mandela [March 1997].

Her 1994 dark green Audi convertible that was used by her and her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, was bought by an anonymous buyer for US $ 75,000 [July 2017].

Daughter of Earl John Spencer and Frances Shand Kydd.

Diana's favourite photographer was Mario Testino.

Her original childhood dream was to be a professional ballerina. She studied ballet (and other dance forms quite fervently), but got too tall. She still practiced ballet as well as other dance forms and even performed on stage in pas de deuxs with dancers like John Travolta and Wayne Sleep. She spent a lot of time watching productions of England's Royal Ballet. She also expended much effort to befriend and encourage much of the company. "as if she had been doing it for hundreds of years". Her slippers/dance shoes are on display in museums.

She loved ballet and made it her biggest school passion, even though she was studying at school.

Her favourite colour was pink and she wore many pink dresses.

Shoe size: 9 (USA).

Dress size: 8.

Cup size: A.

Of the many, many tributes that were made in her honour, one of them was a ballet of her life entitled "Diana".

Portrayed by Naomi Watts in Diana (2013).

Among the reported 2,000 attendees at Westminster Abbey for the funeral ceremonies were:

British ministers:

Tony Blair, John Major, Margaret Thatcher, James Callaghan, Edward Heath.


Prince William and Prince Harry (Diana's sons)

Charles Spencer (Diana's brother)


Hillary Clinton

Henry Kissinger

William J. Crowe Jr.

Queen Noor of Jordan

Bernadette Chirac

Steven Spielberg

Richard Attenborough

Tom Hanks

Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman

Elton John

David Furnish

George Michael

Mariah Carey

Chris De Burgh

Richard Branson

Michael Barrymore

Luciano Pavarotti

Nelson Mandela

George Carey (Archbishop of Canterbury)

Wesley Carr (Dean of Westminster).

Although she is often referred to as Princess Diana, this style is incorrect, as only British princesses by birth can precede their baptismal name with the title "princess". She is correctly referred to as Diana, Princess of Wales.


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