Certification - Precious Metals Quotation

All MISSIAN JEWELLERY products are tested by the Contrastaria Portuguesa, Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda (INCM), the entity responsible for the authentication of precious metal artifacts, and the testing is performed in accordance with the legislation that defines the purity of the legal touch (permilage of precious metal in the alloy), as well as the mark of responsibility called punch (contrast), of the manufacturer or equivalent, thus ensuring the veracity of the legal alloy of precious metal indicated by the manufacturer. You can view the punches in use to identify silver, gold, platinum or palladium items via the following link: https://www.contrastaria.pt/marcas/marcas-de-portugal/

The buyer may, in case of doubt as to the authenticity of the marks, have recourse, for verification purposes, to the services of the Assay Offices. https://www.contrastaria.pt/marcas/marcas-de-portugal/

The buyer may, in case of doubt about the brands authenticity, use, for verification purposes, the list of appraisers registered for consultation, managed and organized by INCM, whenever he sells used precious metal articles. Available information here.

All MISSIAN JEWELLERY pieces meet the quality criteria in 19.2 kt(800) and 18 kt(750) gold, 925 silver as indicated in the description of each piece.

The application of the marks is compulsory only on pieces weighing more than 2 grams, in the case of 925 silver, and on pieces weighing more than 0.5 grams, in the case of gold.


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MISSIAN JEWELLERY has the respective licenses to manufacture and sell online pieces with precious metals:
Title of INCM Activity: T2133 in Modality Fabr.Artigos de Joalharia
Title of INCM Activity: T3277 in the Mode Jewellery Retailer - Site.


Marlise Haut brand manager MISSIAN JEWELLERY
NIF: 280.922.639
e-mail: geral@missian.pt