Personal diffuser

Missian Jewellery has designed and developed the Cleopatra personal diffuser inspired by this "Queen of the Nile".

It is a jewel that helps you apply aromatherapy in your daily life, bringing benefits that go beyond aesthetics.

With 5 interchangeable felts, you can also choose your favourite perfume to accompany you on all occasions, be it trips, events or dates.

Each Cleopatra diffuser is a unique olfactory journey because they are scented talismans, combining aromas with mastery.

A drop of lavender to soothe, a touch of mint to invigorate. Cleopatra diffusers become art, telling stories without words, just fragrances, and each one tells its own story.

Cleopatra personal diffusers become personal expressions, carrying with them desires and emotions. Eucalyptus oil to purify the mind, ylang-yland to lull dreams.

Thus, the magic of diffusers and essential oils tells an endless story with each inhalation, narrating the enchanted tale of diffusers and essential oils.

Made from premium material, 925 silver, and with the INCM - Casa da Moeda - Portugal guarantee, you're getting a real piece of jewellery with a very elegant and modern look and an exclusive design.


Come and be part of this desire! Cleopatra personal diffuser

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