EsmeraldaMay birthstone

Admired by myself and many, Emerald is the stone of the May-born, it has been loved for millennia, evoking rebirth and renewal. Widely regarded as the definition of green, emerald is the perfect color for spring.

Emerald, the gemstone of the month of May has conquered hearts and minds throughout the ages.
Variations of this rich green color suggest lush, calming gardens. Legend has it that emerald has the power to make its wearer more intelligent and perceptive, and was once believed to cure diseases like cholera and malaria. Today, it is the gemstone given on the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

At the 2009 Academy Awards, the bright green emerald earrings worn by actress Angelina Julie gained so much repercussion that even today they are still an object of desire for many women. The piece was made by Lorraine Schwartz and had 115 carats of beautiful Colombian emeralds.

The gemstones which represent the sign of Taurus, are the Emerald and the Agate.


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