Towards a sustainable world

Towards a sustainable world

Since the beginning of our activity and in order to be transparent in our sustainability strategies, we have thought of the ecological footprint as an ongoing process intrinsic to our brand Missian Jewellery.

We believe that only with a mission of continuous ecological preservation, based on firm foundations for the survival of our planet, will business become full.

Producing Missian Jewellery in Portugal was the first step.

Made by national goldsmiths in their family workshops with whom, through the exchange of experiences and knowledge, we can trust the rigor of the execution of the work, we make sure that in the production of the jewels there is care involved, with an artisanal approach and with the search for perfection for the continuity of the work started many years ago by their ancestors.
Today, with the introduction of new technologies due to the changing times, this work is augmented with the realisation of the importance that sustainability represents for Missian Jewellery and for Marlise Haut.


Thus, we support the companies' commitment to the planet by maintaining our focus on local production and supplier partners with the same sustainability strategies.


Opting for sustainable packaging is also an integral part of Missian Jewellery's work. All our packaging is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council, which means that the wood used to make FSC certified paper comes from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources).


We know that there are equally urgent challenges, but, never giving up, we are committed to executing them.


Follow our day-to-day work where we are constantly striving to improve our production and responsible consumption processes to maintain consumer confidence.


Creating your treasure is our mission. We are committed to carefully creating timeless jewellery that will withstand and survive the evolution of time and society, passing from generation to generation. We must avoid over-consumption and this can only be achieved with Missian Jewellery: timeless pieces for all generations.

Small steps can make a big difference. And all these achievements, however small, will contribute to a better Planet. To a more sustainable and friendly world.

Towards a sustainable world


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