Why doesn't Queen Letizia wear her engagement ring?

Why doesn't Queen Letizia wear her engagement ring?

An untraditional relationship - a journalist and a prince - could only be 'made official' with an equally unusual ring. "Letizia's non-traditional engagement ring does not include a diamond or gemstone in the centreInstead, it contains 16 baguette-cut diamonds set vertically under white gold", says Kathryn Money, vice president of strategy and merchandising at Brilliant Earth, in conversation with The Zoe Report.

Money estimates that the jewel - designed especially for the Queen and, as such, unique - is valued between 17645 and 2257 euros. And if you think traditional rings are still trending, be mistaken. "Millennial couples are increasingly comfortable breaking common norms and opting for distinctive designs that express their individual styles, including wearing engagement rings without a diamond at the centre", Kathryn adds.

However, Queen Letizia never wears her stunning engagement ring after it 'hurt her hand'

QUEEN LETIZIA married King Felipe VI in Madrid's Almudena Cathedral in 2004. A year earlier, he proposed to him with an elegant ring, which the queen has not worn since. Why does Queen Letizia refuse to wear the beautiful jewel?


The Queen of Spain reportedly decided to stop wearing her engagement ring for the same reason she never wears her wedding ring.

She herself once clarified, explaining that "the continuous handshakes at receptions hurt her hand".

However, this is a very common practice as many members of royalty do not wear their engagement or wedding rings, probably for the same reason.

Prince William, for example, never wears his wedding ring.

The same was true of Prince Andrew, who never wore his ring when he was married to Sarah Ferguson.

Queen Letizia was last seen earlier this week during a emotional farewell to his daughter Princesa Leonor when he moved to the UK to continue his studies.

Why doesn't Queen Letizia wear her engagement ring?

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