Romance Collection

Romance Collection

MISSIAN JEWELLERY starts the Romance Collection with the Heart representation because few things say "I LOVE YOU" as clearly as a jewel with this shape.

The movement of the heart symbolises the pulsing of the universe in expansion and contraction.

Traditionally associated in the West with friendship, love and passion, in the East it is associated with intelligence, intuition and knowledge, but this does not mean that the Eastern meaning is less sentimental, since affectivity is present in all these aspects, it is just experienced and expressed differently.

In both Christian and Islamic cultures, the heart is where the kingdom or altar of God is, considered the heart of the world. There are constant representations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary as a special cult of Christianity. Just as the body is of exteriorization, in the Bible, the heart is a symbol of interiorization, of wisdom, intelligence and love.

Among the Hebrews, the heart is a form of spiritual living and a symbol of control over thoughts, actions and life. In Taoism, the heart is closely linked to the function of breathing. The Indians of America do not dissociate the heart from the soul, thought or memory.

The Egyptians left the heart in their mummies despite removing all the other organs, as they believed that the heart would be weighed for the actions of the deceased to be assessed by Osiris. The heart was regarded as every man's god and symbol of divine presence and consciousness.

In Sufi philosophy, there is no great distinction between heart and spirit, and heart is synonymous with mercy and God's love. Mystics are also called men of heart and the eye of the heart symbolises spiritual vision. The Quran further mentions that the heart is between the fingers of God. Resembling an inverted triangle, the heart is a universal feminine symbol, which in India is associated with Shakti, the feminine energy of existence.

Romance Collection

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