About Us


Born in 2021, MISSIAN JEWELERY is a young Portuguese jewellery brand whose passion is to create family pieces that last forever.

Because investing in yourself is worth it, our inspiration comes from the vibe of people who genuinely believe in themselves. We encourage people to set a high standard because it sets the scene for how you deserve to be treated.

The design of the timeless pieces of our brand brings respect and total dedication so that the final product shines with humanity and charm in you, because the brand puts its soul in the composition of the pieces.

We work closely with local manufacturers and source-controlled materials, and our final product bears the quality and authenticity marks: Casa da Moeda de Portugal and Missian Jewellery on each piece.


She has lived in Portugal since 2013, a country with a consolidated jewellery tradition, whose beauty and natural charms led her to attend the Author Design course at the Lisbon Jewellery Centre from 2015 to 2019, and start a journey in the art of creating, developing and producing jewellery.


During this period he develops the creation of conceptual pieces and one of these projects that gives rise to his first collection: ROSES COLLECTION.



In 2020, she attends the course "Designing Jewelry with Rhinogold" adding growing interest in the creation and participation in the production chain of jewelry manufacturing with 3D printing prototypes, strengthening her knowledge to share her creations in this universe. The proposal of the Designer is to create jewelry that transmits energy, positivity, vivacity and empowerment with enchantment and personality for those who wear it.

Missian Jewellery

Missian Jewellery, Marlise Haut's nickname since childhood, personifies the brand she signs, pieces with romanticism, modernity, being inclusive and responsible.